Klimaneutrale Wasserstofferzeugung
Hydrogen energy carrier of the future

Reliable, affordable, and sustainable production of green hydrogen

Grüner Wasserstoff, Wasserstoffwirtschaft



Green hydrogen is an important building block for the energy transition. The hydrogen economy needs new energy-efficient ways for environmentally friendly and economic hydrogen production. The innovative and green VABECK® technology is developed by vabeck® GmbH and brings new possibilities for reliable and affordable production of hydrogen for innovative and sustainable hydrogen use.


The innovation of the patented VABECK® technology consists in the development of a new type of process which, on the one hand, enables high gas temperatures to be achieved with minimum heat losses and, on the other hand, enables reaction products to be separated. While other development concepts for methane pyrolysis tend to lower the process temperatures and use catalysts, the VABECK® process raises the temperatures. Very high temperatures of over 2000 °C ensure, the complete decomposition of hydrogen-containing substances, and prevent the formation of various by-products.

Patentierte VABECK® Technologie für Wasserstoffproduktion
Grüne Energie aus regenerativen Energiequellen


The VABECK® technology for direct thermal water splitting offers the possibility to produce hydrogen from renewable energy sources and water CO2-free.


In thermal water splitting using the VABECK® process, the reaction conditions required for water splitting can be achieved with thermal energy alone, and the resulting gases hydrogen and oxygen can be separated without expensive heat-resistant membranes.


In methane pyrolysis, methane is split directly into hydrogen and solid carbon in a CO2-neutral manner. The VABECK® process for methane pyrolysis enables very high temperatures of over 2000 °C to be reached, at which a methane conversion rate of over 95% can be achieved.


If the methane pyrolysis takes place with the help of renewable energies and if biomethane is used as raw material in this process, hydrogen produced then becomes green and the whole technology CO2-reducing.

Methan direkt in Wasserstoff, Dekarbonisierung, CO2-mindernde Technologie

Hydrogen - energy carrier of the future

Today, we need a lot of energy - and even more in the future. Enormous amounts of CO2 are already being released during energy production today. Consequently, the greenhouse effect is leading to ever faster global warming and accelerating climate change. Green hydrogen as an energy carrier produces no CO2 emissions and is seen as a key building block for decarbonizing industry and an important element for climate protection strategies and energy transition around the world.

Klimaschutzstrategie, Energiewende, Biomethan, Wasserstofftechnologie
Chemisches Element Wasserstoff

Hydrogen - the most common element in the universe

The lightest chemical element, hydrogen, with the symbol H, is the most abundant in the universe, with a mass fraction of about 75%; in the Earth's envelope, its mass fraction is about 0.9%. Hydrogen is an important raw material for many industries - from iron and steel production to refineries and chemical production. It is the basic component for the production of ammonia, a key element for the production of methanol, and is also used in many polymers. The use of hydrogen in fuel cell vehicles is a climate-neutral solution for the transport sector. With a steadily growing filling station infrastructure, hydrogen is increasingly replacing fossil fuels in individual and heavy-duty transport.

Hydrogen is an excellent energy carrier

Hydrogen has a very high energy density; the energy content of 1 kg of H2 is 33.3 kWh and is equivalent to 3 kg of gasoline. Hydrogen is used as an energy carrier in heat and power supply, it can be temporarily stored, transported, and used in gas networks or converted into electricity in gas turbines. Hydrogen is also used in many ways in the transportation sector as an energy source for electrically powered vehicles with fuel cells.

Klimaneutrale Energiewirtschaft, umweltfreundliche Energiequelle
Rohstoff für die Wasserstoffproduktion

Hydrogen is everywhere

Hydrogen does not occur on Earth in elemental form, but only in its chemical compounds, mostly in water, but also in natural gas, petroleum, as well as in organic substances. The water supply on Earth is about 1.4 billion km³, and water is also produced when hydrogen is burned. Thus, we have an unlimited raw material for hydrogen production.

About us

Vabeck® GmbH is a technology company based in Berlin, Germany. Our activities have a strong focus on research and development and are driven by our desire to provide energy-efficient technology for hydrogen production.


The development of the technology was started 10 years ago and is now brought to market by vabeck® GmbH. The VABECK® technology is scalable through modularization. No matter if you are a hydrogen producer, manufacturer of H2 generation plants, project developer, or operator of PtG plants - with our process you can produce hydrogen climate-neutral and economically.


Compared to other green technologies such as electrolysis, the use of VABECK® technology enables effective and economical hydrogen production.

Mit Wasserstoff zur Klimaneutralität, Projekte für wirtschaftliche Wasserstofferzeugung